Unable to load panel preheat


since the last Update of klipperscreen it is not possible to get to the Preheat Section from the Main Menu.
The Screen show: Unable to load panel preheat.
When i go to Action/ Temprature the Preheat Section worked. but not from Homescreen.

many greetings


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Hi team!
I’m having the same issue as described by Amdreas, anyone has an idea how to fix this?

on my KlipperScreen.conf

[preheat PLA]
bed = 60
extruder = 195

[preheat ABS]
bed = 100
extruder = 240

[preheat PETG]
extruder = 225

[menu __main preheat]
name: {{ gettext(‘Preheat’) }}
icon: heat-up
panel: preheat

The temperature panel works well (really small for a 3.5" screen though)
thanks in advance,


I have been able to eliminate the error. In the Klipperscreen.log it said that it can’t find the Preheat.py in /home/pi/KlipperScreen/panels. This was missing for me. I then simply copied the temperature.py in the same path and renamed it to preheat.py. Then restarted Klipperscreen and all is well.

Greetings Andreas