Unhandled exception during run z hop

Basic Information: Unhandled exception during run

Printer Model: Voron Switchwire/Enderwire
MCU / Printerboard: Manta 3EZ

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Describe your issue: I receive Unhandled exception during safe z home if I have z hop enabled. I have used this in the past without error. Only difference is that I am using sensorless homing on all axis.

moonraker.log (7.8 KB)

klippy (13).log (90.4 KB)

You are using a non official module in Klipper, although I’m not sure if it makes a difference here.

  • Is it reproducible?
  • If yes, is it reproducible without the additional module?

I can if needed remove everything and start over, however this was happening from the start with this printer I just figured I would resolve it after I completed all my build and install. There is another bug report opened on this same issue that mentions disabling z hop with safe z home, but the whole point of safe z is to prevent a bed collision. Let me know if you need a clean install to verify.

It would be helpful if you can reproduce the error without the led_effect.py, just to make sure it really play no role.

Generally, I would not be aware of any incompatibilities between z-hop with safe-z-home. And if there were any, then Klipper should not just die but handle this with a graceful error message.

No worries happy to do this later today. FYI my symptoms are exact like the link listed below. identical, both using corexz with a switchwire and trying sensorless homing. log files are identical on where the failure happens. I was not sure since that one is closed if I should add to it. His solution was to use a physical endstop.

The solution was removing z-hop from [safe home] the end stop was there from the beginning.

Thanks. Still weird that Klipper errors out with an unhandled exception here.

hehe, that maybe, but it does. i have not tested it on 0.12, but i can, have the totally clean install SD-card still.

Edit: still happens
Edit2:and if i read the log i would have seen that you also have v0.12

Is this the correct place to report a bug like this?

This looks like a bug in the Klipper code. The immediate issue is likely fixed by tmc: Query latest value during _init_registers() by KevinOConnor · Pull Request #6406 · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub .