An option to avoid 'invalidate probe calibrate'


On my printer, I need to do a ‘quad_gantry_level’ before every print. it’s due to the fact that i have a belt driven Z and the bed return to the floor after a shutdown.
So in my config, the bl_touch:z_offset is never taken into account.
Is it possible to add an option tin ‘quad_gantry_level’ to avoid to redo a ‘probe_calibrate’ after ?

actually, my workaround is to put the z_offset in the slicer but it’s messy.

thank you

doc ref:
“If the probe has an X or Y offset and the bed tilt is changed (eg, by adjusting bed screws, running DELTA_CALIBRATE, running Z_TILT_ADJUST, running QUAD_GANTRY_LEVEL, or similar) then it will invalidate the results of PROBE_CALIBRATE. After making any of the above adjustments it will be necessary to run PROBE_CALIBRATE again.”

If you run PROBE_CALIBRATE when the gantry is tilted, then the calculated z_offset will not be valid after the gantry is no longer tilted. However, if you run PROBE_CALIBRATE when the gantry is not tilted then it will remain valid as long as the gantry is not tilted. There is no internal “invalidation” - the documentation cited above is attempting to describe the impact of changing the gantry tilt on probes with an xy offset.