Z_TILT_ADJUST doesn't appear to use the probe x,y offsets

This printer has a 400x400 bed and the Z and Z1 lead screws are 68mm off the edge of the bed on the X and centered on the Y axis.

When performing Z_TILT_ADJUST, Klipper uses nozzle-coordinates and not probe-coordinates resulting in the nozzle being moved to the configured points 100,200 and 300,200 but actually probing the point 64.5,190 and 264.5,190. Is this expected behavior?

Interestingly, BED_MESH_CALIBRATE does use the probe offsets when generating the mesh.

My probe and tilt config below:

sensor_pin: PB2
control_pin: PB1
samples: 3
samples_result: median
speed: 2
x_offset: -38.5
y_offset: -10.0
z_offset: 0

speed: 100
horizontal_move_z: 10
retries: 20
retry_tolerance: 0.01


Thanks, I had read that multiple times but somehow thought that Klipper calculated the tilt correction based on the probed line or plane through z_positions and points. When the probed points aren’t the points used in the calculation it would make convergence slow. I’ll just set it up to probe the line between the screws as far apart as possible and leave it at that.