Doubts in Ztilt and Bed Mesh

Basic Information:

Printer Model: RatRig Vcore31
MCU / Printerboard: Octopus pro + EBB42
klippy.log (6.9 MB)

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I have a corexy and the configuration is half prepared by RatRig, who owns the kit.

Until now I had never worried about the Ztilt and the BedMesh. But now I am in the process of changing the Zprobe, from an inductive one to a Panda Pi (BdSensor) and I am going to change its location on the Hotend.

First I’ll give you the sections of the configuration that I think are relevant, and then I’ll ask the questions.


horizontal_move_z: 7
retries: 10
retry_tolerance: 0.02

horizontal_move_z: 1
mesh_min: 40,40
probe_count: 5,5
fade_start: 1.0
fade_end: 10.0
mesh_pps: 2,2
algorithm: bicubic
bicubic_tension: .2

scl_pin: EBBCan:PB9
sda_pin: EBBCan:PB8 
delay: 20 
 z_offset: 0 
x_offset: -28
 y_offset: -5
#no_stop_probe: # enable this for fast probe, the toolhead will not stop at the probe point.
position_endstop: 1.0 # the Z axis will stop at this position (mm) while homing z, > recommend value is 0~1.2
speed:0.8 # this speed only works for the z tilt and PROBE_ACCURACY command.
samples: 1


1 Doubts in Z TILT calculation

After doing Homing, in my routine I include doing ZTilt.

There are two sections that I see as more important, the section (z_position), I think that I have it clear, it is where the Z axes are joined to the bed, by means of some arms.

(points), this is the one I have the most doubts about, they are the points that…:

a) The printer nozzle moves to these points, to check the Z coordinate, and adjust the TILT of the bed, so in my case, the points that will be considered to adjust the TILT would be [32, 55], [ 207, 365] and [332, 55] (these are the points to adjust the TILT).


b) The printer nozzle moves to those points plus X_offset and Y_offset, to adjust the Z_Tilt, so the points that Klipper uses to adjust the TILT are [60, 60], [235, 370] and [360, 60 ]

2 Doubts in Bed Mesh

The question is similar to the previous one:

In the points that it is calculated that it has to take the height, it is where the nozzle goes down, or where the Z Probe goes down


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Please, when you insert code always use the code braces


else, valuable informations (like spaces) are gone.

Can you also please share the start code?

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i am using KAMP

    G90 ;Coordenadas absolutas
    G1 Z20.0 F6000 ;Move the platform down 15mm    ; Prime the extruder
    G92 E0


    M220 S20

Uhm, z_tilt does not appear there…

I send it by Fluidd before starting, I don’t have it in macro

I see.

Is there a G28 after that?

When I used z_tilt my code was this:

G28 Z

I do the same but manually…

First homing
Second Ztilt
Third homing in Z

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And no more G28, even not from the slicer?

Also, once you turned off the motors, the z_tilt adjustment is gone.

Z_positions are the points of the joints where the bed-plane “crosses” the respective Z spindles. It is not the point of the arm where it connects to the bed.
See my illustration here (triple Z motors and 0,0 at right rear corner):

Some of those values can be negative as those are mostly outside the printable area.

The points under the z_tilt section are the coordinates of the nozzle closest to the Z_positions.
Those points normally are within the printable area.