How-To Ask for Help

How-To Ask for Help


All the contributors here are providing a helping hand in their free time and because they want to give back to the Klipper project. Be respectful and show some patience. If someone knows the answer to your topic, they will surely reply.

First step

Follow the directions given in the How-To Trouble-Shoot post. This will have a high chance of already solving your topic. If not, you might at least be able to provide much more targeted information to speed up the resolution.

Choose the right Category

  • Questions / Issues should go into the General Discussion category most of the time
  • The categories Config, Developers and Macros are used to post results of ones work for the benefit of others
  • The category Frontends is specifically for discussions about the various User Interfaces

Provide the Relevant Information

  1. Information on the printer model
  2. Used printer board / MCU
  3. Used host computer / SBC
  4. Most important: The klippy.log file
    • It contains all relevant information, including the config, to diagnose an issue
    • Typically found either under /tmp/klippy.log or ~/printer_data/logs/klippy.log or downloadable in the User Interface
    • Shall contain the error / issue
    • Shall not be modified
    • Shall be attached to the post and not copied into the post (simply drag’n’drop it into the text box)
    • Shall be zipped if too big to attach
  5. Provide a comprehensive description of your issue

Properly Format Your Text

If you post any excerpts from the log or the config use the code tags of Discourse. Otherwise the entire text will be completely messed up