Speed and Lift_Speed Calculations for T8 Leadscrew

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Printer Model: Makeshift PrintrBot 1403
MCU / Printerboard: A64/STM Recore
klippy.log : klippy.log - Pastebin.com is my klippy.log

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I have a cartesian printer w/ a new T8 leadscrew. I calculated, via the docs, to have a rotation_distance of 8 for my T8 leadscrew. Thank you…it is working but my gantry that is attached to the Z_Axis refuses to move.

I can manually, w/ drill, move my gantry up, down, and back along w/ XY planes that I can move by hand via their slide rods and belts.

Anyway…I am trying to calculate speed for my gantry and lift_speed also.

  1. My motors are 200 Revolution motors w/ 1.8 degrees.
  2. All motors are alike except for Y. It is an Ocean motor that is different, same mfg, than the two other motors for Z and X.

Calibrations still need to take place but first, I need to home this machine and move the Z_axis Gantry.


P.S. If you have time to read and you understand what I am trying to conquer here, please advise me.

You always have to home first, so that the printer knows the where to stop and where the print head is.

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Right… @EddyMI3D ,

I cannot home yet due to some error that I do not understand yet. The motor is quiet but does not move the Z_axis to home the machine. It is stalling and pausing.

I think it has to do w/ the speed, lift_speed, and overall Z_axis config. I have not configured things correctly b/c of this homing issue and my config. so far.


Post a complete klippy.log


And please here. Not everyone can do pastebin.

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You got it. @Sineos …I will post the whole log.


@EddyMI3D , I am sorry. I went to the maximum line limit w/ klippy.log.

Klipp.log.txt (47.9 KB)

You can zip a huge file.

Also you have been asked to share the file, not it’s contents.

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I am replying to my own thread. I am not sure of it currently but…

  1. I think it is friction as the cause.
  2. I have not singled out anything.
  3. The motor is working but stuck on something.

If you guys want, we can close this issue.

I really think it is a friction issue so far unless you see otherwise.


P.S. Sorry to bother your #general-discussion part of the forums. It is a faulty leadscrew. They decided to sell a bent one to me.

Excuse me…