Heat hot end while running bed_mesh_calibrate

I am running Klipper on a CR6-SE which uses a nozzle probe much like the Voron Tap. But the trigger is via a strain gauge. I am running adaptive bed meshing for each print.

In my start code I have it ;

  1. Heat the bed (Per the Slicer)
  2. Set the hot end to 150c and wait
  3. Run bed_mesh_calibrate

The bed maintains the temp requested but as soon at "bed_mesh_calibrate " is executed my hot end heater turns off. How to I keep the hot end on during the probing cycle?

G1 X{x_wait} Y{y_wait} Z15 F9000                    # Goes to center of the bed
M190 S{target_bed}                                  # Sets the target temp for the bed
SET_DISPLAY_TEXT MSG="Heatsoak 5 min"               # Displays info
G4 P300000                              # Waits 5 min for the bedtemp to stabilize 9Min x 60000 = Mil Sec)
 {% endif %}

# Heating nozzle to 150 degrees. This helps with getting a correct Z-home
SET_DISPLAY_TEXT MSG="Hotend: 150c"          # Displays info
M109 S150                                    # Heats the nozzle to 150c

SET_DISPLAY_TEXT MSG="Bed mesh"    # Displays info
#STATUS_MESHING                    # Sets SB-leds to bed mesh-mode

bed_mesh_calibrate                 # Starts bed mesh  

# Heats up the nozzle up to target via data from slicer
SET_DISPLAY_TEXT MSG="Hotend: {target_extruder}c"             # Displays info
# STATUS_HEATING                                                # Sets SB-leds to heating-mode
G1 X{x_wait} Y{y_wait} Z15 F9000                              # Goes to center of the bed
M107                                                          # Turns off partcooling fan
M109 S{target_extruder}                                       # Heats the nozzle to printing temp
M104 S{target_extruder}                                       #Waits for nozzle to reach temperature defined in 

adaptive_purge                     #add adaptive purge     

Basic Information:

Printer Model: CR6-SE
MCU / Printerboard: Creality V
CRSE-2 log klippy.log (4.5 MB)

Fill out above information and in all cases attach your klippy.log file. Pasting your printer.cfg is not needed
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Describe your issue:

It’s like a shot in the knee:

You have this:

pin = PA4
x_offset = 0.0
y_offset = 0.0
speed = 1
lift_speed = 5
samples_tolerance = 0.05
samples_tolerance_retries = 2
samples = 2
activate_gcode = 
z_offset = -0.225


#   A list of G-Code commands to execute prior to each probe attempt.
#   See docs/Command_Templates.md for G-Code format. This may be
#   useful if the probe needs to be activated in some way. Do not
#   issue any commands here that move the toolhead (eg, G1). The
#   default is to not run any special G-Code commands on activation


[gcode_macro TARE_PROBE]
gcode = 
	M104 S0                         <-----
	SET_PIN PIN=probe_tare VALUE=0
	G4 P250
	SET_PIN PIN=probe_tare VALUE=1
	G4 P250
	{action_respond_info("Probe tared")}

As soon the probe is used the first time, the heater is shut off.

Thank you! I am slowly starting to get the hang Klipper but I have a long way to go. On the Voron Tap install they have the code below to ensure the hot end is at 150c. Would it be best to include that under the activate_gcode or in place of the M104 S0 in [gcode_macro TARE_PROBE]?

I guess it calls up TARE_PROBE every time I run the bed_mesh_calibrate or G28 so it doesn’t matter?

Voron Tap Code:

 {% set PROBE_TEMP = 150 %}
 {% set MAX_TEMP = PROBE_TEMP + 5 %}
 {% set ACTUAL_TEMP = printer.extruder.temperature %}
 {% set TARGET_TEMP = printer.extruder.target %}

 { action_respond_info('Extruder temperature target of %.1fC is too high, lowering to %.1fC' % 
 {% else %}
 # Temperature target is already low enough, but nozzle may still be too hot.
 { action_respond_info('Extruder temperature %.1fC is still too high, waiting until below %.1fC' % 
 {% endif %}
 {% endif %}

The question is, is TARE_PROBE necessary every probing or just at the start of a print job.