Calibration prints

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Mendel90
MCU / Printerboard:BTT Manta 8P/CB1/ TMC2209 drivers

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As I bring this beast back to working I wonder if there is a guide to which prints will help me with setting the various parameters for extrusion. Extrusion Factor, Feed Rate and where to start. I have an E3D V6, .4 mm nozzle fed by a Wade’s geared extruder. Current settings are the default install.

Teaching Tech 3D Printer Site (

This site is pretty comprehensive…
My Calibration sequence is:

-General Items check:

  •    Bolts and Nuts
  • V-Roller
  • Lead screws
  • Bowden Tube
  • Hotend
  • Extruder
  • Belts
  • Fans
  • Firmware

-Acceleration Calibration:

  •    Test Accelerometer (if applicable)
  • Calibrate Input Shaper
  • Calibrate maximum acceleration

-XYZ Calibration:

  •   X-Axis steps
  • Y-Axis steps
  • Z-Axis steps

-PID Tune:

  •   Hotend
  • Bed

-First Layer:

  • 	X-Axis Gantry Tilt
  • Probe X and Y Offset
  • Manual Bed leveling
  • Probe Z Offset
  • Auto Bed leveling
  • Test print Bed leveling

-Extruder Calibration:

  • 	E steps
  • Slicer flow

-Temperature, Retraction and Pressure advance Calibration:

  •    Temperature Tower
  • Retraction Tower
  • Pressure advance Tower

Hope that helps.


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Thank you for that link. A brief look and it seems he covers ‘EVERYTHING’ ! I will be following a lot of that program as it is well laid out with lots of supporting docs.