Endstop y still triggered after retract - Ender3 V2 with BLTouch

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender3 V2
MCU / Printerboard: Stock 4.2.2
klippy.log (404.7 KB)

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Describe your issue:

Thanks to Sineos I’ve Klipper is now communicating with my printer after having multiple issue with MCU.

However when trying to home the printer I get the following message

Endstop y still triggered after retract

I’ve noticed that the printhead (hotend) does not go down to the bed to probe either as I also have a BLTouch fitted. I’ve also added a copy of my printer.cfg just incase this gives a better understanding.

I’ve also noticed if I try to home only the X in floating about half way up the frame

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

printer.cfg (2.7 KB)

Screenshot 2023-03-22 133225

I had a quick look on your config, it seems fine.
Most likely it is a wiring / mechanical / electrical issue.
Wit the webinterfaces it is quite easy to check your endstops:

  1. Refresh the endstop status in the webif → All should show open
  2. Manually trigger an endstop and keep it triggered
  3. Refresh status → Triggered one should show “triggered”
  4. Release endstop
  5. Refresh status → Should read open again

This needs to work reliably for all endstops.

Found the fault, a small split in the wiring, done a temp fix to confirm and all working. new cable ordered and coming tomorrow. Cheers

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