Endstop Z Still Triggered

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3 Pro
MCU / Printerboard: Creality 4.2.2
klippy(25).log (1.1 MB)

I was able to get printer connected but when I try to home all, I get an error message saying “Endstop z still triggered after retract”. Is there another settings somewhere that I need to adjust? When I run ‘query_endstops’ it shows " x:open y:TRIGGERED z:TRIGGERED "


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Okay all triggers are showing “open” when I move the axis in the center and run the command ‘query_endstops’. But when I home all axis, it makes a loud buzzing noise. Like it is trying to go past the endstop.

klippy(26).log (1.9 MB)

I suggest you go through all the steps on that document! Start to finish
eg the very next step is verify stepper motors

Thanks and going to start going through all the steps. I noticed when checking the endstops earlier they all were showing open, so I decided to go through each one to confirm each would show triggered when activated and noticed the z endstop isn’t working because it was unplugged when the bl touch was added. Do I need to reconnect the z endstop or can the bl touch be used at this point?

you do not have bltouch configured in your printer.cfg
Connecting BLTouch
BLTouch Reference
You can use the search function on www.klipper3d.org which is exactly what I did to give you those links.

To not damage anything you can trigger the respective endstops by hand and query their state while still triggered.


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