Turn webcam from Klipper

Basic Information:

Printer Model: RatRig Vcore 31
MCU / Printerboard: Octopus Pro +SHT42

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Describe your issue:

Not an issue…

Could this be done with Klipper?

I have a web cam, could you add a stepper motor to make it rotate, and control this rotation from Klipper?

If possible… Where could I find information on how to do it?

Basically possible

  1. See Can you control a pan/tilt setup with Klipper? for internal camera commands
  2. See Configuration reference - Klipper documentation for how to setup a servo
    • Mount the camera on a servo
    • Configure it in Klipper
    • Turn the servo with the SET_SERVO command


For what reason do you want to do this? Just to see more stuff?


To focus the camera on other areas of the printer… (PJ How much filament is left,…) or zoom in on a specific area


Yeah, that could easily be done. albeit with a bit of cad work.

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