Extruder not hot enough

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Raise3D
MCU / Printerboard: RUMBA Raise3D
[klippy.log.zip|attachment](upload://iYniRTYwWgHUMvZZd7P4HfIavXA.zip) (2.0 MB)

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Describe your issue:

Hi, I have a printer that randomly stops at the “beginning” of printing and displays this message. Sometimes I restart printing, and it ends well.
Visually, I can see the temperature drop but I have trouble identifying where the problem comes from. I haven’t changed the temperature sensor yet. Do you think it can come from there?

Extruder not hot enough
Extrude below minimum temp
Extrude below minimum temp
See the 'min_extrude_temp' config option for details
Unknown command:"T0"
Bed Mesh state has been saved to profile [default]
for the current session. The SAVE_CONFIG command will
update the printer config file and restart the printer.

I have just perceived that there are set point losses. Again, it’s very random.
Capture d’écran 2023-03-04 à 12.07.59

Post the klippy.log and a sliced gcode file, please.

klippy.log.zip (2.0 MB)


Within the two print that can be seen in the klippy.log, the measured temperatures always stays within the limits of the targets (200°C and 235°C).

max_temp in [extruder] is 260

The gcode desires a temperature of 240°C.

This is it:

Your start sequence in your gcode file:

M106 S0 P0
M140 S80
M190 S80
M104 S240 T0
M109 S240 T0

And the macro:

[gcode_macro START_PRINT]
gcode = 
	{% set BED_TEMP = params.BED_TEMP|default(80)|float %}
	{% set EXTRUDER_TEMP = params.EXTRUDER_TEMP|default(235)|float %}  <---
	M104 S200
	M109 S200
	G28 X
	G28 Y
	M104 S235  <---
	M109 S235  <---

It takes the default value of 235°C from this macro.


You also can upload the gcode file here as zip file. Not everyone has an iCloud account.

Indeed, I forgot to modify that, because I changed my first layer at 240° then the rest of the printing at 235°.
By the way, how can I put the print set point instead of a fixed set point M104 S235?

The gcode is 45Mb. klipper.discourse.group takes files of 8Mb Max. Even compressed it doesn’t work. On the other hand, I didn’t know that you need an iCloud account to download a shared file via iCloud. I’m so annoyed with Apple sometimes!

In any case, the temperature drop bug happens well after or not sometimes. I have a second identical machine, it does not have this bug.
That’s why I think it could be the temperature sensor, I don’t remember changing it, so I’ll have to work between five or six years.

Usually the temperatures are only set within the slicer, not in Klipper.
When you select your filament, the slicer sets the correct temperature.

I understand now.

Could an overheating of the Rumba card cause this kind of random problem? I have run the same print twice in a row without any problem. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just did it again. I have the impression that it is only on the 2nd layer because the 2 previous printings were perfectly successful. I have to learn how to analyze the logs.

klippy(1).log.zip (1.6 MB)

Such sharp and sudden drops in the temperature are usually indicative of a wiring / connection problem of the thermistor.

I restarted the print and it stopped at the same place.
Ok thanks, I’ll check and take the cable back.

It is a false contact in the flat wire . It returned blade after seven years of use