Fine tuning extruder steppersetup

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Vcore31
MCU / Printerboard:Octopus Pro SHT42

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Describe your issue:

I have a RR Vcore 3.1 enclosed
As an extruder I am using an Orbiter 2 connected to an EBB42, but for some time I have been experiencing temperature problems, the Nema 14 motor of the extruder gets very hot, I don’t know exactly the temperature, I do know that you cannot touch it with your hands , and stop extruding.

I have tried to lower the current to 0.40, and with this something better, but even so it continues giving me overheating problems.

The engine is: LDO-36STH20-1004AHG(XH)

and the configuration I have for that motor, the one for the extruder is:

[tmc2209 extruder]
uart_pin: EBBCan: PA15
run_current: 0.40
stealthchop_threshold: 0
interpolate: True
sense_resistor: 0.11
driver_TBL: 0
driver_TOFF: 4
driver_HEND: 6
driver_HSTRT: 7

I’m not sure that the “driver_…” lines are correct.

Do you see anything that can be changed to prevent it from overheating?


I’m looking at options, meanwhile I’ve put a fan with plastic flanges… An option that I do not know if it would work is to place instead of a fan as in the PCS, a Peltier sheet …

What do you think?