Getting skips in my extruders if extruding 1 color through a mixing hotend

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Zonestar Z9V5 with M4V6 hotend and BMG extruders
MCU / Printerboard: stock board for the MK3 model (don’t remember the exact name)
klippy.log (not really applicable, I’m having hardware trouble)

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Describe your issue:

…I have gotten a mixing hotend working with Klipper, but for some reason whenever I have it set for only 1 extruder to be used it’ll skip while extruding through the hotend, I’ve tried at 10mm/s and 5mm/s feedrates and it’ll do that. doing a mix doesn’t cause this.

I’m using BMG clones and I have the rotation distance set to 7.71 and the gear ratio at 50:17 on all 4 of them. I’ve tried silk PLA and PETG to the same result