Help with Fluidd

Basic Information:

Printer Model: VCore 31
MCU / Printerboard: Octopus Pro+ SHT42
klippy.log (15.9 KB)

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Describe your issue:

I am trying to reorganize the printer configuration… but I am encountering problems related to RPi, and it is that it does not let me create (configuration) files, it returns the message “internal server error”.

I have also tried with SCP, but when I try to copy any file, created in Windows and copied… it tells me that I do NOT have permissions.

I know very little about Rpi/linux, so I have googled, and it is supposed that from the console if I send sudo chmod 777 (File/folder name), I would have to give all the permissions, but nothing, the permissions I think if given, (LS -L…) But I can’t create anything from Fluidd.

It sounds to me, that some time ago, I had to make a modification, related to permissions…

What can be?

i have find a solution.

Create new configuration files, and copy contents of old…

I suppose the problem would be that you create the configuration files by copying them via FTP, not via the Fluidd interface.

I suppose…