It is not possible to cancel printing immediately after the start, until the heating occurs!

After starting printing, no commands are accepted, such as changing the bed temperature, even canceling printing does not work, the printer only starts responding after the hotend and bed are heated. What can be done?

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@MistKear :

There are some commands that can not be interrupted.

For example M109 and M190.

BTW:: Same is for Marlin.

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On my other printer (FB Ghost 4s) which had “marlin”, now “shui” firmware, in all firmwares you can safely cancel printing immediately, as well as change the heating temperature. The printer responds to all clicks, not counting movements.
I have this one built according to the Mercury Zero G project, it costs Pi3b +, mcu SKR v2.
Unfortunately, this is a problem for me due to the fact that I cannot cancel printing immediately, I have to press “Emergency Stop”

Sure the gcode used M109/M190 in the beginning and not M104/M140 ?

What is “shui” firmware"?

Good luck, hcet14

GitHub - vyacheslav-shubin/shui: MKS-ROBIN_NANO, MKS-WIFI shui firmware

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As I understand it, if you use M104 / M140, then the printer will start printing without waiting for heating, is that right?
I use M190/M109 in the start macro.

It’s not that easy.

M104/M140 start the heating and return back to the gcode scheduler.

But for printing you need certain temperatures that have to bee reached. For this are M109/M190.

More info here (seek for the commands)

  • As indicated by @EddyMI3D, these command cannot be reliably interrupted (except by a M112 emergency stop)
  • The Klipper developer already attempted to implement this function, but this left the printer in an unreliable state. It is a core functionality that the firmware precisely executes a command that is scheduled in a so-called queue with a bunch of the following commands. Messing with this apparently is quite complex
  • See New gcode to interrupt the pending command queue for more details
  • Usually the non-blocking variants or Klipper’s special gcodes should be sufficient to achieve your goal

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I don’t understand, this is implemented in Marlin and SHUI, here, in the most functional firmware, this is not.
In Marlin, I can immediately change the temperature to which the printer must warm up before starting to print, I can immediately cancel printing if I see any problem in the print settings.
How is it implemented?

I tried to use it, it didn’t work, the same thing, heating starts until it reaches the temperatures set by the slicer, the printer does not respond to any commands.


See the notes here:

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I cannot comment on this. It has been attempted by the lead developer and no solution was found.

The non-blocking version works as expected.

It actually won’t cancel until PRINT_START has finished in it entirety. I just emergency stop. It is pretty annoying to be honest. I have temperature wait, heaters heating, bead mesh, and line purge in there. Not waiting for all that.

Macros can not be interrupted.

One more reason to use as few macros as possible.
Most macros are overburdened anyhow.
The possibility that something can be done does not mean it has to be done.

A well made start script in the slicer runs as well and so after every command a cancel can be executed.

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