Move out of range: 37.259 -49.197 1.000 [0.000]

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3 V2
MCU / Printerboard:4.2.2
klippy.log [klippy (4).log|attachment](upload://8F3T2jKc1A432rpNoF0k6Gk7T2y.log) (526.0 KB)

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my problem this Messege (Unknown command:“M302” )&(Move out of range: 37.259 -49.197 1.000 )

Describe your issue:

…I have modified my printer to print clay … so i need to use cold extrusion
So i used in my start machine setting in the slicer the following:
; Ender 3 Custom Start G-code

M302 P1 …N.B" i tried also P0"

G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder

G28 ; Home all axes

G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder

G1 Z2.0 F3000 ; Move Z Axis up little to prevent scratching of Heat Bed

G1 X5 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move over to prevent blob squish

… and in the end setting
M302 P0

G91 ;Relative positioning

G1 E-2 F2700 ;Retract and raise Z

G1 E-2 Z0.2 F2400 ;Retract and raise Z

G1 X5 Y5 F3000 ;Wipe out

G1 Z10 ;Rate Z more

G90 ;Absolute positioning

G1 X0 Y{machine_depth} ;present print

M106 S0 ;Turn-off fan

M104 S0 ;Turn-off hotend

M140 S0 ;Turn-off bed

I got the unknown command M302!! … i need to cancel all Temp … the bed and extrude temp permantly
any help

M302 is not a known GCODE for Klipper.

You basically have two options:

  1. Set respective limits:
  2. Wire a thermistor and simply let it measure room temperature and set appropriate limits.

For the other error see Move out of range: X Y Z [E]
Most likely due to a mixup between G90 / G91. I’d recommend to work with G90 and always give coordinates as absolute in relation to your 0/0 origin.
G91 is incremental / relative, this means always moves from your current position and as such easily creates such errors. In your case most likely the Y axis with a commanded target of -49

Hello Bro how are
As i mentioned earlier … that … know i’ve modified my Ender 3V2 to print Clay … so i don’t need heaters or hotend or sensors or even fan !!
So i have removed its cables
:slight_smile: So it gave my the following error
"Klipper reports: SHUTDOWN

MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: ADC out of range
This generally occurs when a heater temperature exceeds
its configured min_temp or max_temp.
Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the
“FIRMWARE_RESTART” command to reset the firmware, reload the
config, and restart the host software.
Printer is shutdown"
Can u help my in this modification

cool :ok_hand:

Your klippy.log might help.

Good luck, hcet14

klippy (6).log (158.3 KB)
Sorry … here the log attached …

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Connect all connectors back!

Then you have to tell Klipper the margins you expect. You are printing clay => no need for a hot bed, etc… There is only one way. Read the very good documentation and set the right margins for your clay print.

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i have Removed all following cabels ( thermo. sensor, Hotend, the 2 fans )
Also in the sliced file i have to modify with same reading in MainSail in my case was -43
( What i modifed in the file was the following lines
*;nozzle_temperature(°C): -43
M104 S-43
M109 S-43)
… I believe this will solve the first issue

Regarding the Move out of range: X Y Z [E]
i didn’t get your point … ill attach file i want to print in GCODE and klippy.log
2mmCE3E3V2_viktoria_with_turner_logo.gcode (1.4 MB)
klippy (6).log (158.3 KB)

Thnx for you kind help and time Bro … But i believe i have solved the Temp Issue as i mentioned above … thanks again … realy appreciate your support

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Your gcode file looks strange:

G0 F6000 X37.259 Y-49.197 Z1
G1 F1200 X38.172 Y-49.185 E0.28626

It tries to move to a Y position of -49. Your printer is defined as printing area between 0 and +235. Seems your slicer is messed up.

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Obviously set the origin to the middle of the bed.


Both you and Sineos are right … except that it was marked the origin in the middel of the bed … so i removed its selection … and the slicer works fine NOW!!!
Thnx Buddies

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