Extruder selection button in Mainsail

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 5plus - 2in 2out hotend
MCU / Printerboard: BTT Manta M8P with CB1

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Describe your issue: I am testing a dual extruder setup and noticed that the Mainsail dashboard allows me to select between extruders but it does not actually activate “extruder1” when I select it so If I use the extrude or retract button, it operates “extruder”. I can send ACTIVATE_EXTRUDER command in the console or create & run a macro to activate and all works OK but I wanted to know how to get the extruder selection button to work on the dashboard.



I have the same problem, did you manage to resolve it?

Never figured it out. I have macros to activate each extruder so I can click those macro buttons on the mainsail dashboard to switch between them. I have a BTT mini 12864 screen hooked up to the Manta so I modified the menu.cfg to display the extra extruder details and added the function to switch between extruders. Most of the time when I am loading or unloading filament, I use the 12864.

This dropdown is only for the PA settings (the complete row is PA settings). You have to define T0, T1, Tx… macros; then, you will see buttons at the top of this panel.

You can also use a “active” and “color” variable in these macros to display the active tool and which color is right now in this tool.