Getting both extruders to work on the skr 1.4 turbo

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…Im building my own printer with the skr 1.4 turbo mother board using a raspberery pi running klipper and mainsail
, everything installed and working except the second extruder. There is a g code macro to activate but it has me lost in the park. any help on understanding this will be apprecitated, just remember im new so might not understand some of the terms.
klippy (1).log (7.1 MB)
here is a copy of the macro i found…it eliminates the t0-t1 error

[gcode_macro T1]
ACTIVATE_EXTRUDER extruder=extruder1
SAVE_VARIABLE VARIABLE=currentextruder VALUE=‘“extruder1”’

[gcode_macro T0]
ACTIVATE_EXTRUDER extruder=extruder
SAVE_VARIABLE VARIABLE=currentextruder VALUE=‘“extruder”’

[gcode_macro START_GCODE]
{% set svv = printer.save_variables.variables %}
ACTIVATE_EXTRUDER extruder={svv.currentextruder}

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