What does this error message mean?

Basic Information:

Printer Model: vcore 31
MCU / Printerboard:octopus pro + ebb42

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Describe your issue:


I am trying to set up new Zprobe…

When i do ztilt, the printer starts making the passes until the tolerance is set below the set limits.

But when he gets it, an error message comes out, qie I do not understand what he means or why he jumps at the end, when he has managed to adjust the ztilt

Bed Distance Sensor, out of range.:3.90

// Retries: 0/10 Probed points range: 0.015938 tolerance: 0.020000

// Making the following Z adjustments:
// stepper_z = 1.035855
// stepper_z1 = 1.016634
// stepper_z2 = 1.014598

// probe at 360.000,60.000 is z=1.017031

// probe at 235.000,370.000 is z=1.017031

// probe at 60.000,60.000 is z=1.032969


The error:


Formated in red.
Sensor its a Panda Pi Bdsensor, according to the data sheet, it has a sense distance of 4mm
klippy.log (7).txt (520.6 KB)

As requested, please post klippy.log

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This type is not officially supported in Klipper. Please open your case here: GitHub - markniu/Bed_Distance_sensor: Auto bed level with High resolution distance sensor

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