Appropriate bed leveling settings for 300mm

I have a CR10 V3. 310x310mm bed. This is a raw 25x25 point probed mesh. Notice there are bumps and valleys that would not be picked up by say, a 6x6 probing using Lagrange interpolation. Is this something I should be concerned about? Obviously probing 25x25 takes a while so it is something I don’t want to do if it’s unnecessary.

I’m interested in what combos of probe count/interpolation others use for a bed this size.

I have a T-Rex 3 with a 400mm x 400mm bed. I use 11 x 11 probing spots and that is quite enough. 25 x 25 for a 310mm x 310 mm, for my taste, is quite over done. I would recommend 8x8 spots, maybe 9x9.

so this is a 9x9 extrapolated with bicubic

It sure is missing some of the bumps and valleys that the 25x25 was able to capture. will this be an issue?