Arc movement: (G2, G3)

I was looking at Octoprint Plugins and found the “Arc welder”, which looks to be a sensible thing, but clearly it needs arc movement commands (G2, G3).
Is this a thing that can be done with Klipper?

Activate in the cfg with:

#resolution: 1.0

I don’t think the use case for arc support is the same as arcwelder pushes. Arcwelder is there to turn high resolution prints that would overwhelm the planner and serial interface of marlin into much fewer instructions which are then expanded by the planner.

Klipper would be transmitting the same number and rate of instructions between the pi and arduino having already done the planning in python.

It maybe has a use for smoothing lower-res gcode into less precise but smoother curves, but you’d be setting arcwelder differently?

Please correct me if I’m wrong here, I used arcwelder a lot on marlin, but I’ve not had a reason other than smoothing gcode from a low res stl when using klipper

This is mostly true. The real issue is the serial connection between Octoprint and the printer, and that’s why arcwelder can help in some instances. It’s an acknowledged issue with Octoprint that’s been open for 7 years, but it doesn’t appear to be fixable without a significant rewrite which seems unlikely to happen. You can also solve this problem by enabling virtual_sd when using Octoprint, but then many plugins won’t work. So if someone wants to use Octoprint with plugins, arcwelder is likely the best option when using Klipper, but it does reduce precision.