Bed_mesh is set based on x and y probe offsets, BEDMESH_CALIBRATE does not follow offsets and puts probe off the bed

I followed the klipper instructions to set the bed_mesh and to setup the probe and to calibrate the x and y probe offsets. And set the z probe offset using CALIBRATE_PROBE and TESTZ commands. Then did the math for the bed_mesh setup with x y min and x y max. My probe is 23.1 mm left of the nozzel and 63 mm in front of the nozzel. But when i do a BED_MESH_CALIBRATE, the probe is positioned off the bed not at the probe x y min then if left to run, will creash the nozzle into the bed. Everytime I have to catch it emergency stop before the head crashes. I can’t seemto figure out why the probe does not use the offsets and min and max to calibrate the mesh.


Jay Abbott
Converted ANET A8 to AM8 with stock 1.5 ANET mcu and octopi and klipper. I have managed to figure out everything so far but this one’s got me stumped.

It would be easier to provide a good response if you posted a log file, but I’ll answer the best I can. If your probe is to the left and in front of your hotend, then your X and Y offsets should both be negative (-23.1, -63). Are these the values you have in your [probe] section? If they are, then a log would be needed to provide further help.

klippy.log (562.8 KB)

I hope this helps for you to dicipher where I went wrong. My x and y offsets for the probe are correct and what I have in my printer.cfg as you mention above negative values.

speed = 120
horizontal_move_z = 5
mesh_min = 45, 83
mesh_max = 200, 200
probe_count = 3, 3

This is your bed mesh section. The min and max values are referenced from your probe location, so do you really want to start probing at X45? Also, your probe can’t reach X200 because your X max is 220. Your nozzle would need to be at X223.1 to probe X200.

Thanks for your help. I guess that was one of those Duh moments!

speed: 120
horizontal_move_z: 5
mesh_min: 30,30
mesh_max: 175,157
probe_count: 5,5

BED_MESH_CALIBRATE works correctly now. Or at least as I expect it to.

Thanks Again!