Bought used voron, struggling to update firmware

Basic Information:

Printer Model: voron 2.4
MCU / Printerboard: btt octopus pro 446
Host / SBC mainsail
klippy.log Filebin | 4mty2azdjoqs8gip (over 8 mb)

I managed to use kiauh to update klipper and now I get a version mismatch. I’ve tried everything I can think of as well as probably every single combination from make menu config. I always get could not connect to MCU.

Your printer appears to have the Octopus set up as a USB to CAN bridge, so the menuconfig settings you used won’t work. You also won’t be able to flash the board via the command line unless it has the Katapult bootloader on it. I would recommend simply removing the SD card from the Octopus, copying the firmware file to it, making sure it’s named firmware.bin, reinstalling the SD card with the printer powered off, and then powering it up to flash the new firmware.

I opened the bottom of the printer, There is no sdcard inside

also i just don’t really know where to get the firmware file. What setting do i change for the USB to CAN bridge? theres a bunch of options like 11/12 or 11/9

I really don’t know anything about this and I can not find any guides on flashing this board

BTT has pretty good documentation on their GitHub. It looks like that board uses PA11/PA12 for USB, and PD0/PD1 for CAN. You might want to contact the person that sold you the printer and ask some questions because without knowing how it was wired or whether the boards have bootloaders, you’re in for a steep learning curve to get Klipper updated.

    1. What @jakep_82 said.
    1. You are trying to update the Octopus MCU fw but the EBB fw gives the version mismatch. Try updating the EBB by just double pressing the reset button (you can try it on the octopus too). If one led blinks then you are lucky and the previous owner has installed the katapult bootloader for updating fw over CAN

From you klipper.log it looks like it is a EBB SB2209 RP2040.