BTT skr mini e3 v3 and orange pi zero 3 UART

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3 Pro
MCU / Printerboard: BTT skr mini e3 v3, orange pi zero 3
klippy.log (73.8 KB)

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Describe your issue:

Hello, I’m trying to install klipper on my Ender3, the board is BTT skr mini v3. Orange pi Zero3. I’m trying to connect via UART. TFT pins are connected correctly. I did everything according to this guide: Klipper board firmware from BTT github(firmware-USART2.bin). I did all the steps in the guide. And still Mainsail does not see the printer. Tried all the tyyS, but nothing works for me. Debian image from orangepi site. USB connection works normal. Tried precompilled fiimware and that that i make by my self in klipper/make config. Both doesnt work, USART2. tried 250000 and 115200 baud rate, didnt work neither. Pins are correct, i checked it like about million times, even tried different wires. I dont power orange pi throught tft pins, only using gnd-tx2-rx2.
Tried everything that i could find on the forums. Nothing works. Maybe uart is cant be enabled on orangepi Debian image. But on Ambian image wifi isnt working, so i cant use it.

Unfortunately, every SBC is handling UART etc. a bit differently, so I cannot help you on this aspect. The Linux images supplied by OPi are really crappy most of the time so it may well be one reason.

For the general approach, refer to: Ender3v2 board to RPI with screen connector - #8 by Sineos

Solved, got answer on reddit. only need to enable uart5, written in the manual:


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