Call action_call_remote_method from console?

Is there a way to call action_call_remote_method directly from a GCode console or via echo to /tmp/printer? I’m trying to do some debugging on an API server app and it would help if there was a way to call that directly without having to wrap it in a GCode macro and restart klippy to pick up the change.

Not the end of the world if not, but figured it was worth asking.

It should be possible to create a macro that passes command-line values (params.SOMEVAL) to action_call_remote_method.

Otherwise, that call is only available from a gcode_macro. Template expansion is not done on arbitrary G-Code commands.


That’s very probably for the best for a bunch of sanity & security reasons. Thank you! I was able to create a quick & dirty wrapper macro and get what I needed working.