Can not update MCU mcu config as it is shutdown

Printer Model: Cr-10 Smart Pro
Sonic Pad
moonraker .log (49.5 KB)
klippy .log (3.6 KB)

Can not update MCU mcu config as it is shutdown
Klippy shutdown mid print
What can I do, can you help me?

Can not update MCU '<name>' config as it is shutdown is not an error that occurs during printing.

Since you are using a SoLame Pad no proper diagnose can be done what the actual error was that lead to your shutdown.

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Thank you for your attention
I could not fully understand, What can I do?

Unfortunately, with the available information I cannot offer any more guidance, except:

I spoke to Creality support they wrote,
"USB disconnection is related to the user’s actual AC power grid environment with strong interference.

Users can check to see if there are frequent jumps in the line where the studio printer is located, AC inductive loads: AC fans, AC compressors, AC motors and other electrical appliances exist.

This MCU disconnection, USB to serial cable can significantly improve the connection line of the anti-interference capability"

Do you think the solution, Because I changed it.

For a common understanding: The error messages in the log cannot be used for diagnosis. The recorded error is not the root cause, but a consequence of an earlier error that is not recorded in the log.

Creality’s statement is a possibility, but since the true error is not known, I cannot give any more advice.

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