Can't make Z_OFFSET move the nozzle up and down

Basic Information:

Printer Model: self-built Delta
MCU / Printerboard: RAMPS 1.4

klippy(2).log (4.4 MB)
I got some questions need someone to help me

My z_offset=X no matter what number of the X is, it doesn’t effect
but use the probe command, I can put the correct value after the Z_offset result and save the value
but it doesn’t develop nozzle while printing

But.I use one of the macro (START_PRINT) , change the “SET_GCODE_OFFSET Z= (correct value)” to run the macro “START_PRINT”, the nozzle develops correctly, but I have to change the (correct value) time by time manually when I use the probe command
I hope to use a way like “SET_GCODE_OFFSET=probe.z_offset” to update the value of the Z_offset.
I know that the coding way of “probe.z_offset” is not correct
please tell me how to quote the Z_OFFSET pf the [probe] and give me some MACRO examples

I’m not sure I understand.
The probe’s z-offset is tuned once and then usually left like it is. It is always active and determines the bed’s Z origin after homing.
If you need further correction one would use SET_GCODE_OFFSET

Could you explain how you implemented your printer and the three Z axis joints (as it’s a delta printer)?

I had a similar problem on one of my printers until I put in anti-backlash nuts on the Z axis lead screws - there was enough resistance that gravity wasn’t enough to keep the Z axis nuts at the bottom of the threads.



“z_offset:X” X will be updated but this updated value is useless
I used to fix the value to 10 but the Z was not raised
So I can only fix it with SET_GCODE_OFFSET

This is the structure

Sorry, what do you have driving your Z axes? I can’t tell in the picture.

Not sure if you are on the right path here (also I’m not a delta expert) I would assume that your Delta Calibration is off. Check out some videos (e.g. Large Delta 3D Printer - How to calibrate a delta 3d printer using Klipper! - YouTube) and the documentation Delta calibration - Klipper documentation how to do it.