Configuring 5 screw printer in KlipperScreen

I’ve been using klipper less than a week, and I’m trying to set up 5 screws leveling on klipperscreen. I’ve tried all kinds of variants of adding screw positions in KlipperScreen.conf in the printer section:
screw_positions: "fl", "fr", "br", "bl", "center"
screw_positions: "fl, fr, br, bl, center"
screw_positions: fl,fr,br,bl,center
but I always get:
Bed screw configuration: 5 Not supported for auto-detection, it needs to be configured in klipperscreen.conf
Is there a trick to making this work? Can someone point me to a working 3 or 5 screw example?
Which format for the row is correct, and does it belong in the printer section or elsewhere?

PS: It (5 screw bed adjust) works fine in Mainsail, so I believe I have Klipper’s printer.cfg set up properly.

I don’t know if you finaly solved your problem, but this is how I solved mine (Voron Zero, 3 screws).

First of all there’s a mistake in the Klipperscreen documentation !

This doesn’t work (see documentation…) :

screw_positions: "fm, bl, br"

This does :

screw_positions: fm, bl, br

Also, it seems Klipperscreen wants the screw positions to be defined form front to back and left to right, in printer.cfg and klipperscreen.conf. Suspected this after reading the logs. And finally got the assistant to work.

Posted a bug report about the misleading documentation.