CR-10 S5 Octopus pro v1.1

I have the following config files for a working version of the following specs

CR-10 S5
Octopus pro v1.1
micro Swiss hot end direct drive (corrected rotational Distance for the extruder)
Btt TFT35 working in Marlin mode

all working correctly so the config files for Klipper is available pls ask me if you need them or have trouble setting the firmware up

also have same spec 3d printer with btt skr mini e3 3.0 file as well

Octopus pro v1.1
printer.cfg (7.4 KB)

What is the intention of your post?
Are you searching for a proper config or will/can deliver it already?

Deliver working config

So you want to deliver a config? Nice!

Just ask Happy to help

Honestly, from your sentences it’s hard to find out what you really want.

i have reworded it correctly so there is no confusion
read the topic header in the main part of the thread

Maybe you can just attach the files to your initial post as the other users do.
Otherwise this thread will be moved again to General Discussion.

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Thanks @Archies_3d_printing for your willingness to contribute.

Please not that this section is not meant to announce that you could contribute but meant to actually contribute.

I propose to close this thread and you start a new one with an attached cfg and a comprehensive description of what it is about.

ok thx for that i will upload my config files once the printer has finished

Is the print still running?

Yes it is still running. Has been for 28 hours and it’s looking great.

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printer.cfg (7.4 KB)
Here is the Printer.cfg file for the CR-10 S5 bltouch octopus pro v1.1

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