Change mainboard CR10v2


I’m trying to drive my CR10v2 with BLtouch with an RpiA3B and Klipper+Mainsall.
I’m a newbie and i’m in trouble to configure my BlTouch (I have another post for that).
Since now, i print with Marlin and Octoprint, but i had read that klipper allow to printer faster so i try to switch to klipper.I ask to myself : is there any interest to change the hardware (mainboard creality 4.2.5 + Raspberry Pi A3 or 4 (i have one too)) to a BIGTREETECH Octopus V1.1 (perhaps with TMC2209) ?
What’s your feeling on it ?

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The Octopus feels like overkill for this application.

I’d recommend the SKR Mini E3 V3, which should just drop right in and isn’t as hard to configure as the Octopus:

I don’t think you need new HW to solve your bltouch problem.

When you asked here Pin number Bltouch CR10v2
Sineos asked you to attach your config

Just do it :wink: Good luck.

sure hcet14, the change was not to solve my BLTouch problem,
The question was just to know if i will win something with a new motherboard.

Sorry for my mistake. I was speaking about Motherboard, so i thought it was in this SF
Is it possible to move the topics ?