SKR Mini E3 V3 Working Config Before Tweaks

This is the current config for my SKR Mini E3 V3. It is working, but I’m still tweaking it a bit. Will update later. I’m using this with a RPi 4 2gb and the BTT TFT35 screen
SKR_Mini_E3_V3.cfg (2.5 KB)

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Are there any notable improvements / differences over the official one?

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None that I am aware of, other than it is working. Every other version I found kept coming back with multiple errors. This has BLTouch already set up, so all that needs to be done are the sanity checks and dialing it in. The other printer.cfg files I got for this board didn’t have BLTouch in them.

I just realized I uploaded the one that didn’t have the BLTrouch code. Sorry for that. I think I may have deleted that one

Ok, I was able to find the correct one with the BLTouch code added, once I got to my PC. Here is the correct one, and its noted since I tend to be scatterbrained and would need to know the difference.
SKR-MINI-E3-V3-Corrected.cfg (3.0 KB)

Thanks for this config! I’m considering converting my Ender 3 with a SKR mini to Klipper and have been a bit overwhelmed by it.
What printer are you using this on? This will give me an idea what I’ll have to change.
You said this works with a BTT TFT35, I assume that’s only in Marlin mode?
Have you come up with any new tweaks?
Sorry for all the questions but you’ve given me hope that I might even get this to work. :laughing: