CR10S pro v2 - config file

Could you please share with me one config file for my CR10S PRO V2 ?
Thx a lot


Attached my CR10S pro V2 cfg file.

Please note that it has some Raspberry PI mods for power switches etc, and also recognises that I am using a Bondtech DDX and Copperhead hot end. Works fine though and all of the pin mappings work.

My file does recognise the recent deprecation of the ‘Pin Map’ function which the original one I found does not (# GitHub - Desuuuu/klipper-macros: A collection of my Klipper G-code macros.) and you will need to substitue the pin aliases from my file if you use the original.

If your CR10S pro V2 is standard start with the Desuuuu one and use mine for reference as the Desuuuu one works well with the standard hotend and extruder combo.

Hope this helps

I am using a PI4 to control lights and the main PSU using a 2CH 5V relay.

Mine is derived from the one I found here.

printer (1).cfg (6.4 KB)

Sorry meant to say if you get stuck let me know and I will try to help. One thing to also note is that the CR10S Pro V2 / Pi / Klipper combination seems to be very sensitive to the USB power being connected between the CR10s and Pi4.

I had also sort of weird stops in the middle of prints etc. When I cut the ‘red wire’ in my USB cable and separated the power supplies for the two devices it has worked fine and it has now successfully spent the last month printing all of the bits for my Voron is ABS+/


Thanks a lot, I well try it on Monday
Have a good weekend