Creality goes Klipper!

I wonder what frontend they are using for this. Looks like an expensive raspberry pi…

Besides being an expensive RPi (using Klipper Screen) it is also a blatant marketing scam:

It also has no external GPIO pins, so additional functions are limited.

It looks like KlipperScreen

Based on the rough specs posted, it sounds a lot like something based on an Allwinner SoC that reminds me of the BTT CB1 alternative to the Pi 4. It’s got ethernet, wifi, 2gb RAM and 8GB flash, demonstrated hooking to a printer via USB, and obviously runs KlipperScreen.

Although it’s not expandable with GPIO, for a lot of folks who can’t get a Pi and just want to get started with klipper (and have some $$ to burn) this looks like kind of a sharp device.