Crowsnest install - hosed

Basic Information:

Printer Model: X5SA + - Direct drive
MCU / Printerboard: stock CXY-V6-191017
Host / SBC PI 3B +
klippy.log (2.2 MB)
crowsnest.log (1.3 MB)
crowsnest.conf (3.9 KB)

Describe your issue:

… kind of embarrassing. while trying to get something up and running on another PI, I accidentally “puttied” into the wrong one (similar IP). oops. I was able to reboot and get klipper working again, but my cameras don’t want to come up. I uploaded the crowsnest conf file from a backup I made a few days ago, and that doesn’t seem to work. tried rebooting it a few times, and my cameras still don’t come up. I uploaded my klippy log (had to zip it, because it was too big), and my crowsnest log and conf file, hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you

I’m taking the oportunity to upgrade the printer to the M8P. thanks

I did look at your files, what I see:
klipper is not directly related to video, probably you are using some UI which is interacting with video - so you need to check related settings there.

By looking at crownest log - it’s seems everything is fine, devices detected and everything did start and working.

but i did spot some changes in old setup and new by comparing startup log from 03/04/24 23:54:51 and 04/14/24 13:53:58
The differences:
was: crowsnest: Version: v4.1.3-1-gc0c9c41
new: crowsnest: Version: v4.1.8-1-g6ac471

was: Version Control: ustreamer is up to date. (v5.48)
new: Version Control: ustreamer is up to date. (v6.10)

everything else is the same.

So seems like new versions are not compatible, or you didn’t finish setup in UI (mainsail or fluidd or some other UI)