No pi cam after klipper update


I have loose the webcam video after an update.
I try to follow somes documentation on Github but I think I make another trouble after change the lines in moonraker.conf

Can someone please help me?


I’ve followed the tutorial and it doesn’t want to work.
Probably something I’ve done wrong again.

I followed:

And the camerapi don’t work.
When I use : libcamera-hello --list-cameras
No camera avaible.

Make sure to have closely followed the instructions. Especially the paragraphs stating:

If you already updated Crowsnest to v4 via Webinterface, you have to change it back to v3 to uninstall it! Follow this commands:

When I restarted my printer after 3 or 4 month I just made update klipper with the update manager section on webinterface
After I loose my camerapi.
I look on the internet, I try to change just the lines on moonraker.conf:

[update_manager crowsnest]
type: git_repo
path: ~/crowsnest
origin: GitHub - mainsail-crew/crowsnest: Webcam Service for multiple Cams
install_script: tools/

It’s not work.

I followed your suggestion:

Maybe I made an error at this point:

do you want to remove crowsnest.conf > answer with n for “No”

I think I select : y

I follow this tutorial (2x):

I have add : camera_auto_detect=1

at the bottom of this file.

But it’s don’t work

And that’s it.

I found an solution

Delete old webcam in webcam section in interface setting

If you have create a file for install a cam before v4 of crowsnest, delete old file webcam.conf in machine section.
Delete all old section crowsnest in moonraker.conf in machine section.

Uninstall crowsnest with putty (set yes for uninstall old crowsnest.conf too):

Install crowsnest:

Go to crowsnest.conf file and configure your file:

Chek your crowsnest.log file to find your device and add this line in your cowsnest.conf:
Detected ‘libcamera’ device → xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I hope this help you

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