Custom config section and options

I’m working on backlash compensation logic for Klipper and already implemented working method for GCodeMove class.
As a newbie in both Python and Klipper, I got to the point when I need some help from more experienced community members.
The issue I stuck at is adding a custom config section, let’s say [backlash_compensation]. When I put it into printer.cfg I’m getting an error:
Section ‘backlash_compensation’ is not a valid config section.
It seems that Klipper requires new sections and their options to be registered in the first place, but I have no idea how and reading through didn’t added clarity.
I also failed to find anything relevant in Google.
Could someone explain that misterious part to me?

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The file name in the /klippy/extras directory is the config section name. So is registered as [backlash_compensation].

You need a function def load_config(config): at the bottom of the file to return an object that will process the config. But the type of that object can be anything you want.

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Thanks, @garethky! So simple :slightly_smiling_face:
In my case I modified cmd_G1() method of GCodeMove class. I beleive it’s the right place to manipulate coordinates. So I’m going to move backlash settings to [gcode_move] section. Does that approach looks good from your prospective?

There are several modules like bed_mesh and z_thermal_adjust that make changes to the toolhead position based on some external model. Take a look at set_move_transform().

The code in z_thermal_adjust is probably the simplest one to learn/copy from.

These adjust function all form a chain and each adjusts the toolhead location for each move.

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