Delayed activation of the - filament switch sensor

Hello together,

I have a filament switch sensor to detect a filament runout.
That works fine with the following standard code:

[filament_switch_sensor my_sensor]
pause_on_runout: True
#event_delay: 3.0
#pause_delay: 0.5
switch_pin: PG11

But between the filament switch sensor and the printer head is abot 300mm the PTFE tube-> that means I would cut those 300 mm filament off → throw away → new filament spool in-> start print again.

For not throwing away the filament I would like:
Filament switch sensor gives signal ->a delay for about 8 min (printer is printing 8 min.) → printer gets paused.

How do I have to write the g code for it?
Thanks, Timo

What printer do you have, or in other words: How large is the distance between sensor and extruder motor (bowden system?)?

Printer: RatRig Vcore
Bigtreetech Octopus V1.1
direct drive extruder: Orbiter
Distance between Extruder - Filament sensor about 400mm