Delta Printer: Control the motors directly

Basic Information:

Printer Model: DIY Delta
MCU / Printerboard: Duet3D

is it possible to move the axes of a Delta printer independently of the Cartesian coordinates? I mean that I enter a gcode command like G0 X10, by default it would now move 10 mm in the X direction and move the linear slides, but I would like to control the motors directly and say G? Motor_1 10 and then the motor moves 10 mm.
Is there a solution for this?

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Hello @Zuganfang !

You could use [force_move]:

It will not work with a usual gcode command. See the documentations.

Note this is for diagnostic purposes.

What do you want to achieve with that?

When you do things wrong, the effector will crash into the bed.

I find the solution: G0 Xnnn Ynn Znn Hnnn
H2 Individual motor mode. X refers to the X motor, Y refers to the Y motor, and so on. Normally used with relative motor coordinates (see G91).

G0 X100 H2

Did you actually check that?
Only RepRap Firmware should support the H parameter.

And where have you found that information?