E Steps and ratio?


found for my new BIUQ Extruder H2 this description

932 steps/mm at 16 segments (further correction required)

how can I setup the config of the spider v2.2 ?

step_pin: PD5
dir_pin: PD6 # Tronxy !PD6 BQ PD6
enable_pin: !PD4
microsteps: 32 -->> 16?
rotation_distance: 23.89816 #22.478 # Titan Extruder Clone Rotation Distance BQ ?

THX! for help


Read the entire article. In brief:

  • Convert the esteps to rotation_distance as detailed in the link above, using 16 microsteps
  • rotation_distance in Klipper is then independent from microsteps, so you can just keep 32 as per your current config
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