Empty Motiion analysis data

I’m trying to check if there is any “stickyness” in my x/y axes. For that I wanted to graph my adxl345 data over the expected acceleration data from the motion analysis tool.

Hoewer the motion analysis file seems very empty. I’ve attached a screenshot of 2 graphs. On the left is the data I collected using the ACCELEROMETER_MEASURE command, on the right is the data from the motan_graph.py.

My process to collect this data:

  • On the pi I start
    ~/klipper/scripts/motan/data_logger.py /tmp/klippy_uds mylog

  • In the fluidd web UI I ran

G1 x10 y10 F25000
G1 x200 y10 F25000
G1 x10 y10 F25000
G1 x10 y140 F25000
G1 x10 y10 F25000
  • on the pi I stop the data collection with CTRL+C

Is that the correct procedure?
I can see that there is some noise in the adx345 data in the motion analysis, so something seems to be captured. Am I interrupting the capture the wrong way?

By default, the motan_graph.py tool only shows 5 seconds of data. Use the -s and -d options to select a time range of interest to you. Run motan_graph.py --help for a list of options.


That makes so much sense! I kept thinking it was something in the recorded data, that I didn’t even look for it in the motan_graph.py.

Thank you, now I can see the matching values.
One more question, if you don’t mind:

My Acceleration sensor seems quite noisy, even though the data from MEASURE_AXES_NOISE is around 30-60 for each axis.

On the top graph on the left, you can see the raw data from the accelerometer, and on the is the moving window average with a window of 100 values. This looks approximately like the expected movement on the bottom left.
Is this kind of noise normal? Or could it be something either in my wiring or in my mechanics?

Thanks again,

That’s normal.