Error "No trigger on y after full movement"

Calibrating a Cartesian Create 2 IDEX SKR V3, X and Z axis are good. Extruders and bed heating well. All steppers moving in the correct direction and endstops are working.
Issue with Y axis. On power up, If I type home Z axis goes up, X0 and X1 home. Then the Y axis moves towards the limit switch but stops after 1/2" movement. Getting the error “No trigger on y after full movement”
I can trick the Y axis to get it to home. As soon as the Y axis starts moving I press the Y endstop 2X to get the Y axis to set home in the middle of the bed. Y axis then moves ~100mm towards the endstop, this would be a crash but the bed is well back of the endstop. Z axis then homes on the BL Touch. At this point Klipper is in the home state. I can then command a 50mm move on Y and the axis moves 50mm.
Y Axis setup:
step_pin: YSTEP
dir_pin: !YDIR
enable_pin: !YEN
rotation_distance: 32
microsteps: 64
endstop_pin: ^YSTOP
position_endstop: 0 # was 300 mae
position_max: 330
position_min: -5 # was -20 mae
homing_speed: 100 # was 100
homing_retract_dist: 5
homing_positive_dir: True

We need a log file to offer any help.

Here’s the kipper log.
klippy.log (520.1 KB)

You have mixed together configurations for sensorless homing and traditional endstops which is leading to the error. If you’re using a traditional endstop you should not configure the diag pin, and you need to make sure the diag pin is not physically connected to the endstop pin. It appears the diag pin is triggering instantly when the axis starts to move, then not triggering again after the axis is moved the 5mm specified by the retract distance.

Thanks for the help, I commented the line out " diag_pin: ^YSTOP ".
On the SKR V3 board there is no connection to the Y-diag pins. The Y endstop is connected to the Y-stop pins. I’m still getting the error. Is there something else I need to be doing? I noticed that the stepper_x and dual_carriage also have diag_pin assignments, but they are working.

Also make sure that you do not accidentally have jumpered your board to use sensorless homing:


As Sineos noted, you need to make sure the diag jumpers are removed. This is what I meant by no physical connection to the endstop pins.

No jumpers on the diag pins.

MTW helped me fix the problem.
“Change position_endstop: 0 in printer.cfg to position_endstop: 320”
That got the printer going all the way to the endstop but I’d get the error during the homing retract.
“disable retracting by setting homing_retract_distance to 0”
The printer now can complete the X, Y, and Z homing cycle.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

Maybe you can double process this
klippy (2).log (151.0 KB)