Feature Request: Dockable Probe Support for axis_twist_compensation


I’d like support for dockable probes for the new axis_twist_compensation feature. I’m running out of “easy” hardware fixes that could be causing inaccuracy between a bed mesh and the actual first layer squish (parts of the bed have too much squish and other parts have too little after doing a heat soak, clear bed mesh, G28, QGL, G28 Z and bed mesh calibrate) and it sounds like the axis twist compensation could be helpful. However, I use a Klicky probe and can’t actually set it up.

I’m pretty sure you can:

  • Comment out the klicky macros
  • Manually attach the probe
  • Do the axis_twist_compensation
  • Revert the changes

Since you typically do this only once, it should be a manageable effort.

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Why do I need to comment out the Klicky macros? Do I just need to manually put the probe in after starting the calibration and between each point?

It’s a reasonable effort, sure, but id argue supporting it outright is as well…

As I do not know which macros you are using and how, it felt more safe to make sure that they do not interfere with the homing / probing process.
Just make sure you have a regular homing / probing behavior.

Feel free to hand in the relevant code. Such contribution is surely welcome.