Feature request : increase the number of control axes

Hi! Is klippy considering expanding to 6 axes for non-planar printing, filament mixing, etc. to increase the number of control axes for?

I have created a machine for 6 axes and extended one part of the klippy core to 6 axes and then control it with klippy. I was modifying the klippy core to see if I could also run a 3-axis machine with that code.

We found that the traditional 3-axis core is basically written in arrays, and to completely change the number of control axes would require changing a lot of files. What about making the control axis implementation a namedtuple or class instead of an array to make it easier to change the control axes? Changing to these implementations would make it easier to increase the number of control axes.

If you don’t mind, could you please consider changing klippy to extend the functionality of klipper?

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I have a THOR robot arm that lies in wait for 6 axis kinematics. :slight_smile: