[Feature Request] wait for state before issuing command

This might be a stupid idea, and I might be the only one that does this but here goes.
There are times when I will think of a minor change that I want to put into my config. Small enough that it’s not going to affect a currently running print, but since it’s config based it requires a FIRMWARE_RESTART. I would love the ability to tell slipper to wait for a specific state (i.e. Standby) and then issue a specific command.
I know the devs are busy working on more important things like fixing bugs, and I would do it myself if I had any more python experience. So, I understand if this idea never comes to fruition

Hello @MasterSaberD !

Honestly, no great idea to fumble around in the config during a print.

My feature request would be: Disable editing the config during print.

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