First time using the extruder

Basic Information:

Printer Model: tronxy x5sa
MCU / Printerboard:manta m8p
klippy (7).log (3.0 MB)

very new to this, first time trying to run the extruder. I got the shutdown
…“TMC ‘extruder’ reports error: DRV_STATUS: 40190020 s2vsb=1(ShortToSupply_B!) cs_actual=25 stealth=1”

I deleted stelth chop threshold and got

TMC ‘extruder’ reports error: DRV_STATUS: 001900d0 s2vsa=1(ShortToSupply_A!) ola=1(OpenLoad_A!) olb=1(OpenLoad_B!) cs_actual=25

Then you likely have a wiring issue.

ok I moved the stepper to another port and reset the pins now I get

“Unable to read tmc uart ‘extruder’ register IFCNT”