Flash-sdcard.sh on skr 2

Probably more suited to ask on a forum topic than the discord

  1. I have already flashed klipper successfully on an btt skr v2 mainboard
  2. I wanted to upgrade the firmware on the sd-card (so pin PC13 is always high by default and my fans turn on when the power is on).
  3. I’ve tried using the flash-sdcard.sh script
  • Although the board is not listed when running /klipper$ ./scripts/flash-sdcard.sh -l, I believe the configuration of the board should be the same as the one for btt-gtr (spi1 and PA4 for CS)
  • schematic from the skr v2:
  1. The script connects to the MCU but I get an error “SD Card Flash Error: Failed to Initialize SD Card. Is it inserted?” …
    SPIFlashError: Failed to Initialize SD Card. Is it inserted?

Would there be advice if I should be using any other pins or if there is some more fundamental issue?
(if it matters, I’m running klipper from a debian 10 based computer, not from a pi.)


That board isn’t compatible with the flash-sdcard script due to hardware decisions by BTT. You can read more at the link below.


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thanks for the reply!