FR: PROBE_Z_ACCURACY or PROBE_ACCURACY equivalent function for X & Y endstops

This is a request to include an equivalent function to PROBE_Z_ACCURACY or PROBE_ACCURACY for X & Y endstops.

This would be useful in the same way:

  1. To help tune and establish reliable homing speeds
  2. To help diagnose or troubleshoot failing switches vs other issues.
  3. For some type of setups X & Y accuracy can be more or less important. For instance with my voron the z-endstop accuracy is a product of hitting the pin dead in the center, so is then further reliant on XY accuracy.

I hope this will make it into klipper, i think it is a logical function to incorporate directly.

Also…if this can currently be accomplished through a macro I’d appreciate someone showing an example.

TBH, I see no real benefit in such a function.

I’m not aware of any situation where an X / Y accuracy in the range of even up to 0.5 mm would play a vital role.
If so, you would need to remove the sensorless homing functionality immediately.

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Its the three reasons I mentioned above.

XY homing accuracy can affect Z-offset accuracy with a dedicated z-homing switch that uses a pin, like with the voron 2.4. And this allows for the use of other useful tools like Auto_Z calibration.I cant use sensorless homing for this reason…or I would.

It would also be good for diagnosing failing X&Y switches that have a shorter lifespan in heated enclosures.

This is not specifically what you are after but the concept bones are present in the following two macros. You might get in touch with the macro author and see if he would like to co-develop the macro with you.

Ill have a look at that…thanks!

The reason i think these macros are applicable and malleable for your function is that they are:
-Doing X-Y-Z Homing operations
-Moving along the axis and counting motor steps
-Comparing subsequent movements to determine errors on an axis
-Setting # of tests, accuracy margins for error evaluations
-Doing small movements and checking for switch inputs.
-Setting of test speeds for the movements.

I see your logic…

I think they are python scripts rather than klipper macros…but I only had a peak. Ill have a look with my buddy GPT and see if I can develop something from them.

That being said I hope the powers that be will agree that a native function within Klipper makes sense.