[FR] Set speed for controller_fan from command

I have a 15000RPM fan on my extruder radiator, and as you can imagine, on full power it louds alot, so I have to use it on 0.5 of his full speed. But sometimes I want to use it on full power. Examples:

  • It prints when I’m not at home, so I don’t care about the loud level, and I can just set speed to 1.0 (I understand that it can be done just by changing config, but sometimes you need to change speed while printing)
  • Using it in macroses. I have macro that unload filament and then wait for extruder cool down to 50 celcius and then turn off my printer by pwc module. And at this moment I want to set speed for extruder fan for 1.0 so it will cool faster.

Idk, maybe someone will find another cases of using it :grinning: